Getting to Bryher is simple - by air or sea

Scilly may feel a world apart, but getting to Bryher couldn’t be easier. You can take the Scillonian ferry from Penzance, fly by helicopter from Penzance, or fly with Skybus from Land's End, Newquay or Exeter.

It's not possible to get vehicles here, so it's a bit different to getting to a campsite on the mainland, but the journey is part of the adventure. Following the information below should help ensure your whole journey goes smoothly!

A note on 'Scilly Ferries' - Harland & Wolff

We've had a few questions regarding the 'Scilly Ferries' service proposed by Harland & Wolff. This is an additional proposed service that will run alongside (not replace) the Scillonian III, operated by Isles of Scilly Travel.

Despite asking for clarification on several questions, we have not received communication from Harland & Wolff, so we cannot answer any questions about the possible new service. We only know what is publicly available on their website and social media.

What we do know is that the new service will not permit any hold luggage; passengers will be able to bring two bags (each weighing up to 23kg), but these will have to be carried onboard. Therefore, we would urge you to consider whether this will be suitable for you and your luggage (for example, it may be suitable for backpackers, but not for families staying for more than a few days).

In addition, due to the variable timetable - which includes some early morning and evening sailings - we would recommend that campers speak to Tresco Boat Services (01720 423373) to check they will be able to get from and to St Mary's in time for the sailings. We will continue to meet the lunchtime Tresco Boat Services boat, which ties in with the Scillonian, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet all boats to tie in with Scilly Ferries sailings.

We hope the situation will soon become clearer and we will be able to provide more concrete information!

Getting to the Campsite

You can get to the Isles of Scilly by sea or by air (see below) and you and your luggage will then transfer to a small inter-island ferry to Bryher. When you arrive, we offer a luggage transfer service from the quay to the campsite (£5 per person, return) - optional, but highly recommended as it's a 10 - 15 minute walk. Please note that if you require a 'special' luggage collection - i.e. to/from a boat other than the scheduled Firethorn service that links with the Scillonian each day - this will be subject to availability and will incur a minimum charge of £20 return.

Your bags are manually handled throughout the journey, so individual bags must not weigh over 25kg; we'd rather you pack lots of small, light bags than one big, heavy one! If your tent weighs over this amount (for example, Bell Tents), please separate poles and pegs to reduce the weight as much as possible.

Boat crews or our campsite team will not lift any excessively heavy bags. We strongly recommend against bringing large air tents, which cannot be broken down into smaller, lighter bags.

Please label all bags with your name and 'Bryher Campsite' before leaving home.

By Sea: Scillonian III

The Scillonian ferry sails from Penzance daily, Monday to Saturday (also Sundays in July and August). It's the easiest option for campers, with a 25kg luggage allowance per person, and excess luggage available for camping kit (you don't need this if your luggage fits within the inclusive allowance)

All luggage must be labelled with a green Bryher tag, available at Penzance Quay. On arrival at St Mary’s you will board the smaller blue ferry, Firethorn, to Bryher (this usually departs around half an hour after Scillonian docks, but listen for announcements or see the board on St Mary's Quay).

Your luggage will be transferred straight to Firethorn, and you pay onboard (contactless accepted). You don't need to book this boat - we let them know you're coming. Note that on the return journey, your luggage will be offloaded onto St Mary's Quay and you need to load this into the luggage container on the quay.

If you're travelling to Penzance by car, we recommend booking parking in advance with Scilly Parking or Isles of Scilly Parking

Find out about getting to Scilly by Sea

Penzance Helicopters

Penzance Helicopters flies to Tresco and St Mary's, offering a unique journey and a 20kg luggage allowance.

On arrival on Tresco or St Mary's, collect your luggage and take the land transport to the quay (on St Mary's there is a small charge, payable onboard using Contactless).

From here it's a short boat journey to Bryher, which you need to book in advance with Tresco Boat Services You'll be given your boat time the day before arrival; please let us know so we can meet you. We recommend booking an early flight where possible.

Find out about Penzance Helicopters

Skybus Planes

Skybus flies to the main island of St Mary's from Exeter, Newquay or Land’s End. You'll have a 15kg luggage allowance and enjoy great views of the islands as you approach.

On arrival on St Mary's, collect your luggage and take the land transport to the quay (payable onboard using Contactless).

From here it's a short boat journey to Bryher, which you need to book in advance with Tresco Boat Services You'll be given your boat time the day before arrival; please let us know so we can meet you. We recommend booking an early flight where possible.

Find out about Skybus

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've answered some of the most common questions we get asked about the journey to Scilly.

  • Luggage & Getting Here
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  • 1. How does my luggage get to Bryher Campsite?

    Our Getting to Bryher page gives full information on how to get you and your camping luggage to Bryher.

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  • 2. Can I bring a Caravan/Camper Van/Motorhome to Bryher?

    No, sorry, it's not possible to get these to Bryher; we only accept tents.

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  • 3. Can I bring my kayak/boat/bike etc?

    Yes - but it's generally easier to hire these items on the islands.

    Bikes, kayaks and other such equipment can be carried on the Scillonian at an additional cost (please see details here).

    Bicycles and kayaks cannot be carried onboard the inter-island boat to Bryher from St Mary's, so you will need to arrange for these to come on the freight boat (call 01736 334220 for details). Alternatively, you can paddle your kayak to Bryher.

    It is worth pointing out that Bryher's rough tracks are not particularly bike-friendly, so you may want to think twice about bringing a bike. You can hire bikes on Tresco and St Mary's for use on those islands.

    Before bringing your own boat/kayak/SUP etc, it may be worth considering hiring one from Hut 62 or Isles of Scilly Boat Hire - both based on Bryher.

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  • 4. How many/what size tents can I bring? Can I bring a gazebo/event shelter?

    We charge a flat rate per person per night and do not charge dependent on the size or number of tents you bring. We have plenty of space on site, so you're welcome to bring the shelter you need to be comfortable during your stay.

    However, please consider others on the campsite and keep your camp to a reasonable size. You should also consider the luggage limits - and make sure you can lift your own bags; no bag can weigh over 20kg.

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  • 5. Can I bring my equipment in a trailer?

    No, sorry. Due to the location of the site and the nature of the tracks on Bryher, we do not allow trailers.

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  • 6. I'm travelling from/to another island before/after my stay on Bryher. Is there a direct boat?

    It's always easiest to tie your plans in with Tresco Boat Services' boating schedule, as these are the only boats we meet to transfer luggage to and from the campsite. We don't know the schedules of other boating services and don't meet them unless arranged in advance.

    Tresco Boats offer scheduled boats to/from the other off-islands on the following days:

    Tresco: Daily
    St Martin's: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    St Agnes: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

    If you need to travel to/from another island on a different day, you can go via St Mary's and catch the Tresco Boat Services boat that meets the Scillonian (usually around 12:45 pm) to Bryher. However, please note that this will involve paying two fares (hence it's easier to transfer on a day when Tresco Boats are going direct!)

    Please let us know your travel plans with at least 24 hours' notice so we can arrange to collect your luggage on arrival on Bryher (subject to availability).

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  • 7. Where can I store my kayak near the campsite?

    If you bring your own kayak (or hire one that doesn't need to be returned each day), most campers keep their kayak at Kitchen Porth beach, just below the campsite and take their paddles up to their tent.

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  • 8. How do I get camping gas?

    We sell all major camping gas in our honesty shed on the campsite (there's a list above). Just write down your name and what you've taken on the list, and we'll add it to your bill.

    While you can bring gas on the Scillonian ferry, this cannot be carried on the inter-island boat, so we don't recommend bringing your own gas with you as it's unlikely to make it to Bryher on the same day as you.

    For larger, reusable types of gas canisters, we only charge for the gas you use (i.e. you don't pay for a full container unless you use it!) Just hand your gas back to a team member at the end of your stay, and we'll weigh it and charge accordingly.

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